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Venus Medicare Health Plans

Smart Health

Smart Health

Health insurance is mainly about low cost and high protection. Smart Health is the Plan for slim budgets. Very affordable yet covers the essentials. Benefits include: Emergency services, general & specialist consultations, provision of prescribed drugs, basic x-rays & laboratory tests, hospital admission with feeding, antenatal care, non-operative delivery, minor surgeries, childhood immunization, and basic eye & dental care.

Classic Health

Classic Health

Classic Health offers a comprehensive value which includes all the benefits under Smart Health in addition to: Major surgeries, operative delivery (C/S), prescription optical lenses & eye surgeries, extra dental benefits, short – term psychiatry care, and hospitalization in semi-private rooms.

Super Health

Super Health

Living well means doing everything you can today for a healthier tomorrow. Super Health is more than a health cover; it is an investment. It carries all the benefits of Smart Health and Classic Health PLUS: Cancer Screening, surgical treatment of cancers, basic treatment of infertility, hospitalization in a private room, and 50% of the cost of MRI & CT Scans.

Deluxe Health

Deluxe Health

The gift of luxurious health is the best reward for your hardwork. Deluxe Health is an elite Plan where subscribers enjoy many extras such as: Exclusive access to high – end hospitals, doctor home visits, annual comprehensive medical examinations, 100% of the cost of MRI & CT Scans, free annual membership of affiliated fitness clubs, etc.